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As William Hague so beautifully put it, Hello fellow surfers. We hope your visit to this site is as good for you as it is for us. You will notice that the site has become exceedingly interactive. It is bristling with forms and CGI scripts letting you add to the pages. How about it?

So what is this thing called Basement Films?
We are the only ones in St Andrews to worry about your cinematic intake. While other so-called film societies and 'cinemas' offer a diet of genetically modified, hormone ridden, artificially flavoured junk, Basement Films will keep you regular with a varied menu of European art-house and world cinema.

In other words, come along to the Salad Bowl (top floor of the Union) on Tuesday evenings. It's in the can.

This website is your one-stop-shop for cinema, in and beyond St Andrews. From here, you can see what we're showing this year, search through and read film reviews from the golden-age of Basement Films (i.e. 94-7 when we had time to write them), and follow up a positive plethora of film related links. Last, but not least, from the odds & ends page, you can learn about everything from film studies at St Andrews to how to make pizza fit for a Kurosawa.

You can post you own reviews of films you have seen, and even discuss other people's reviews too. It took me a while to write the program for this, so make it worth it, please.

screenings | reviews | links | odds & ends | email

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